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 [Important] To all new members of Sovereign Guild

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PostSubject: [Important] To all new members of Sovereign Guild   Thu Jun 18, 2009 11:40 am

Welcome aboard Sovereign Guild Forum,

Please register a forum account. You are encouraged to register using your in-game name (IGN) as known in the guild. This will allow me to easily recognize your forum account and subsequently grant you access to the Sovereign King's Council section. And it will also makes it easier for your fellow guildies to know who you are when posting and replying topics.

Access to the King's Council section is given by myself. Kindly allow at least 24 hours for me to grant you the access. If you are a Sovereign Guild Member and you have not been given access, you may PM me via the forums or in Luna Online with your IGN.

Lord Venus
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[Important] To all new members of Sovereign Guild
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