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 Back to School Event (August 27 - September 9)

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PostSubject: Back to School Event (August 27 - September 9)   Sat Aug 29, 2009 2:04 pm

Heading back to school isn't all bad. In fact, in Luna it's down right fun!

Celebrate (is that the right word?) going back to school with the back to school event in Luna Online! For the next two weeks (until Wednesday, September 9th), the Blue Land is all about getting you ready for the school year.

Defeat monsters to collect your school supplies. Every monster in the Blue Land will have a chance to drop the following school supplies:

Backpacks - Contains one of the following:
  • Tardy Slip: Don't be late! Functions just like a Map Movement Scroll.
  • Detention Slip: Functions like an EXP Protect (3 times)
  • Homework: Increases EXP by 20% for 1 hour

Lunch Boxes - Contains one of the following:
  • PB&J Sandwich - Instantly heals 300 HP
  • Thermos - Instantly heals 250 MP

Report Card - Functions like an Enchant Protect Scroll

**Note: The hourly prize element of this event is not functioning properly and has been removed at this time. We hope to address this issue during next week's maintenance.

And of course, it wouldn't be school without recess. At random times during the next 2 weeks we'll be increasing EXP or item drop rates by 1.25x for 1 hour. Recess is a lot less predictable in the Blue Land than in real life, so keep your eyes out for in-game announcements to know when recess starts.
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Back to School Event (August 27 - September 9)
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